Wednesday 17 July 2024
06:00 PM / Bell stage
Information sur l'artiste

Calamine is a queer, feminist and anti-capitalist rapper based in Montreal. In 2021, she won the Felix-Leclerc award, was named Révélation Radio-Canada, came second in the Francouvertes competition, and her debut album “Boulette Proof” won the “Album hip-hop” award at GAMIQ. In 2022, she releases her second full-length “LESBIENNE WOKE SUR L’AUTOTUNE”, which also wins the “Album hip-hop” award at GAMIQ, is nominated for Rap Album of the Year at ADISQ, and whose eponymous song is in the running for the Prix collégial de la chanson de l’année 2023 as well as the Prix de la chanson SOCAN.

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Location of the event
Jacques Cartier Park, Sherbrooke

Next edition
July 16 to July 21, 2024

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