Since 2007, the Fête du Lac des Nations Inc. has been committed to creating an eco-responsible event in line with its sustainable development principles. The organization develops new actions, each year, to follow its Sustainable Development Policy and obtain its certification as an eco-responsible event. Be part of this green shift and be ecofestive!

Actions taken

  • Replacement of single-use glasses with reusable ones
  • Free electric shuttle service
  • Integration of an online ticketing system to limit the printing of tickets
  • Reducing the production of paper flyers and temporary posters
  • Reuse and transformation of materials (banners, wood, metals, etc.)
  • Complete removal of straws and introduction of a policy of using compostable dishes for all on-site restaurant owners
  • Organization of a lake clean-up by divers after the Festival
  • Provision of a multi-material recycling system (plastic, glass, metal, paper, cardboard)
Ecofestival - La Fête du Lac des Nations Promutuel Assurance – Music and fireworks festival in Sherbrooke

2023 Good Deeds

of waste was re-directed from landfill, representing 61% of the total waste generated during the event.
of compostable materials were sorted
of recyclable materials were sorted
less waste was generated than in 2022, considering the 20,000 extra festival-goers!
of waste collected during the lake clean-up operation


With the goal of promoting eco-responsible habits among festival-goers, FLN launched its “Be Ecofestive!” campaign in 2023. The aim is to demonstrate that everyone is in a position to do their part and make the event greener. Whether it’s choosing active transportation, bringing your reusable water bottle or sorting waste into the right bins, every little action makes a BIG change.

The Green Team is also mandated to circulate on site, encouraging participants to adopt good eco-responsible habits. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you may have – they’re there for you!

How to be Ecofestive?

It’s easy to be ecofestive! Contribute to a greener event by taking concrete actions!

Sustainable Development Policy