2024 edition!

For any urgent questions, please contact info@fetedulacdesnations.com.

Positions to be filled

Want to be part of the success of the 43rd edition of the Festival?
Choose the role that suits you best!

  • Welcoming visitors to the festival
  • Manage the entry and exit of participants
  • Digitize electronic tickets
  • Sell daily tickets
  • Manage the cash register
  • Answer participants’ questions
  • Be the first and last contact for participants
  • Collaborate with the Chief of Security
  • Ensure the surveillance of the various sectors of the site
  • Ensure the well-being of festival participants
  • Create a safe environment for everyone
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the various lodges
  • Ensure that the garbage cans are emptied regularly
  • Maintain the site of the Festival
  • Directs festival visitors to the various facilities on the site
  • Promote Sherbrooke’s touristic attractions
  • Promote eco-friendly transportation
  • Ensure that the rules of the various games are respected
  • Ensure the safety of the children
  • Manage the multipurpose stand : Manage stroller rentals and identify children with bracelets
  • Participate in the Ecofestive awareness campaign
  • Answer the questions of festivalgoers
  • Ensure that the garbage is sorted in the right bins
  • Ensure that the garbage cans are always clean
  • Ensure the general cleanness of the site


    After consulting the list of available positions, check up to three (3) roles you would like to fill at the FLN.



    Which of the following days do you think you would be available to volunteer at the FLN? Schedules will be adjusted closer to the event.


    Personal description



    (Please note: A parent or guardian signature will be required for all applicants under 14 years of age.)


    (Implication, years, positions, roles, etc.)


    Language skills

    How would you rate your oral language skills for the following languages?


    Type of volunteering


    Special needs



    As a volunteer for the Fête du Lac des Nations Promutuel Assurance, I agree to the following conditions:

    • To submit to the requirements of selection inherent to the role I assume, including, in certain cases, criminal checks;

    • To attend the information and training sessions required to become a volunteer;

    • Preserve the reputation and integrity of the organization;

    • Read, sign and abide by the organization's current policies;

    • To undertake the responsibilities of my position to the best of my knowledge and belief;

    • To respect the scope and limits of my role as a volunteer, and to consult a manager in the event of uncertainty, difficulty or dissatisfaction;

    • To authorize the FLN to keep my personal information in order to contact me and send me information concerning the event;

    • To maintain harmonious relations with members of the organization;

    • To acknowledge that the Fête du Lac des Nations Promutuel Assurance cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to my personal belongings (backpacks, wallets, purses, money, jewelry);

    Disclaimer : While the Fête du Lac des Nations strives to reduce these risks, they cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, I accept the inherent risks that may arise from my volunteering.