Project Description

Hubert Lenoir

Thursday July 21, 2022

8 p.m. / Grande scène Loto-Québec

Artist informations

Hubert Lenoir is a young singer-songwriter driven by positive vibes and who grew up in Beauport, a suburb of Québec City.

After spending two years in “do not disturb” mode, Hubert Lenoir presents his PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique directe early in the fall of 2021. Compiling several thousand hours of work spent between Los Angeles, Tokyo, Laval and Québec City, this album is an extremely intimate and honest work, a sort of musical self-portrait. Inspired by the direct cinema genre, PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique directe is a journey through themes such as alienation, sexual identity, vulnerability, fame, as well as social and emotional rejection. Hubert offers this time a quadriptych mixing pop, R&B, field recording and jazz sonorities, but also bursts of actual music, electro-funk and noise rock. Constantly in pursuit of his own breakthrough, Hubert Lenoir is unstoppable. He’d embrace just about anything that comes his way, anything that is done his way!