Saturday 22 July 2023
10:00 PM /
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Theme : 1970’s
From : Ontario
Firm : Garden City Display Fireworks

Step back in time and relive the defining moments of the 70s. Be dazzled by musical flashes and pyrotechnics! This festive, entertaining, colorful and nostalgia-filled show tells a story from our present day.

Here we are in the era of Flower Power and “Peace and Love” hippies, but also disco and mirror balls. The 70s are unique, marking us with the release of bell-bottom jeans and the 1st Stars Wars, Nadia Comaneci setting an Olympic record and the King leaving us.


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Location of the event
Jacques Cartier Park, Sherbrooke

Next edition
July 16 to July 21, 2024

Head office
809 Ontario Street, Door 2

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