Project Description

Alicia Moffet

Wednesday July 20, 2022

8 p.m. / Grande scène Loto-Québec

Artist informations

Alicia Moffet exudes a disarming charm. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter seems to have a natural talent for conveying her sensitive and authentic personality through her songs. Her music is infused with current electro pop while her voice carries the rich and complex sounds of RnB and soul. In Alicia’s universe, words are felt and weighed, distilled from her experiences.

Quebec is known for supporting local talent within its borders. Yet it has no qualms about celebrating the international success of Moffet’s first English-language album, Billie Ave, which reached an incredible 17 million streams independently. To top it off, Moffet earned a platinum record for his French song “Ciel” with FouKi, and added the #1 BPM song, “On Your Mind” with Shaun Frank, to his chart. Moffet shows no signs of slowing down. She just launched her own independent music label.