Royal Pyrotechnie

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Project Description

July 18th 2017

10:00 PM

Provenance : Québec
Concepteur : Éric Fréchette

Royal Pyrotechnie has been lighting up the sky since 1966. For the past 19 years, the company has also took charge of artistic and technical direction for the fireworks component of the Fête du Lac des Nations’ Grands Feux Bell competition. As the Canada’s largest fireworks producer, Royal delivers more than 300 shows per year. It is Canada’s most successful fireworks company With its 8 first place awards in worldwide competitions and 19 other prestigious trophies. These sky craftsmen and their designer Yanick Roy, have a unique know-how and their ballets of light always have a story to tell!

Spectacle : Let the celebration begin!

Again this year, the Royal Pyrotechnie fireworks artists, with the help of Jean-Pierre Beaudoin, general manager of the La Fête du Lac des Nations festival, have designed a pyrotechnics display specially modeled to please the Sherbrooke festival-goers.