Midnight Sun Fireworks

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Project Description

july 21st 2017

10:00 PM

Origin : Yukon
Creators : Warren Zakus et Kiara Adams

Midnight Sun Fireworks, from Whitehorse, Yukon, are always proud to offer their beautiful northern city, spectacular and unique pyrotechnic shows that are designed and set up by a team of 12 completely volunteer fireworks experts.

The company’s shows are designed and produced by Warren Zakus and his wife Kiara Adams. The couple has shared this common passion for 4 years. This is their first presence at the Fête du Lac des Nations’ Grands Feux Bell competition and it is with great pleasure that they present their creation: I Want to Ride My Bike to the Moon. They want you to have a good time and enjoy their soundtrack and the grandiose pyrotechnic effects!

Show title : I Want to Ride My Bike to the Moon

The Midnight Sun fireworks team has always dreamed of presenting fireworks on the moon. Imagine how magical this would be! This musical, colorful and playful pyrotechnic show will reflect their love for fireworks and the infinite dreams that we can achieve thanks to these. I Want to Ride My Bike to the Moon is designed by Warren Zakus and his wife, Kiara Adams, assisted by their passionate team who are fully committed to producing a spectacular show.

The soundtrack features incredible musicians who have inspired our imagination. Follow us on this beautiful and lively musical ride on the moon. Enjoy the show!