PyroSpek Feux d’artifice

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Project Description

july 20th 2017

10:00 PM

Origin : Québec
Creator : François Duchesne

Pyrospek Feux d’artifice is based in the beautiful region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec. Enriched by its artistic designer François Duchesne’s 20 years of experience through beautiful collaborations with the best in the country, Pyrospek now produces more than sixty fireworks displays every year, such as: The Valinouët Alpine Village fireworks display, the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean 175th anniversary display, the Baie-Comeau 75th anniversary display, Les Jeux du Québec athletic competition, The Quebec Fireworks festival (Les grands feux Loto-Québec) and the spring break event: Les Grands feux de la Relâche display.

As creators of emotion-filled shows, this dynamic firm has rapidly become a prominent player among the industry’s elite. Pyrospek is proud to represent its province at the Grands Feux Bell competition of La Fête du Lac des Nations festival and promises a fireworks display worthy of the Sherbrooke spectators.

Pyrotechnics is more than their specialty, it’s THEIR PASSION!

 Show title : Soirée Pub et Terrasse (A Pub and Terrace evening)

Inspired by the rhythm and dynamic flow that prevail in the pubs and on terraces of big cities, this show, filled with hits and enchanting beats, will make you want to dance for sure. The summer has set in, the city is colorful, vibrant and lively and the terraces are filled to capacity. An evening out with friends is a must and you can feel the joie de vivre. At nightfall, the city comes alive and releases a frenetic energy.

This fireworks display, filled with lively hit songs, expresses the urban beat lifestyle. Seize the moment and let yourself be carried by the sound and lights of this night out on the city’s terraces.